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Chuck Norris Photos

Chuck Norris has been to so many places in the world. This gallery of pictures is hand picked from his own photo album. It shows all the famous people Chuck Norris has crossed paths with. Some people might ask "Why is Chuck Norris holding a gun? Doesn't he usually just roundhouse kick people?" It is true, Chuck is widely known for his kicks. In fact, he does not even use the gun. The reason Chuck Norris is holding a gun is because he knows what looks cool. And huge guns are about the coolest looking thing around.

Each one of these photos is something special. Only one in the collection shows Chuck Norris prior to impact. See if you can spot it?

Chuck Norris Photo Album

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The Hotel Chuck Norris

No animals were hurt in the making of these photos! Also, no Chuck Norrises were hurt in the making of these photos!

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